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SDLC 09/2013 to Present

Application development using analysis skills and strategic thought to find creative solutions.

SDLC Projects

Network App – Highmark

  • Developed a localized GIS map to show and compare healthcare providers in a particular area as part of a sales tool for Highmark representatives
  • Researched and developed the use of vector data to generate the localized map (no network connection necessary) to improve performance and maintain a small footprint on the hard drive.
  • Used Java web services to pull health care provider data from a server into the map to allow representatives to make clear comparisons between different health care plans
  • Technologies: HTML 5, jQuery, OpenLayers, JavaScript, CSS 3, Java, Local Storage, JSON Data, tileMill, File System Data

Health Architect/Culture Architect iPad App - Highmark

  • Worked with a team of BA’s to help develop an application that would provide guidance through a tedious interview process for Highmark representatives while cutting the overall time for the process by 66%
  • Provided recommendations for functionality that would make the app easy to use and automate the parts of the interview and post interview process
  • Provided recommendations for and developed features of the app that would enhance the user experience and make the app easy to use such as field validations that clearly mark when a field has been overlooked
  • Developed functionality for users to customize a report allowing them to select specific information to send to their clients.
  • Integrated Culture Architect and Health Architect into a single application providing streamlined solution for how the applications and data from each application work together and ultimately a good navigation flow and user experience.
  • Expanded action plan timeline so users have the ability to plan for 36 months rather than just 14 months.
  • Technologies: HTML 5, jQuery, JavaScript, Dojo, CSS 3, Local Storage

Deep Web Presenter – SDLC internal project

  • Worked on Deep Web Presenter Tool which allows clients to capture the backend of their site or app, clean sensitive information and then redisplay locally on their device
  • Added functionality to capture websites that use more advanced technologies and frameworks (i.e. RequireJS)
  • Used filters to only allow users with the proper permissions to perform certain actions
  • Made AJAX calls to REST services to get and save link mapping data that clearly defines how individual captured pages are linked together
  • Added log in page as well as log out functionality with user roles using jsecurity, web-services to provide security to captured information and web pages
  • Technologies: HTML 5, jQuery, Java, CSS 3, AJAX

Mobile Performance Dashboard - Comcast

  • Developed mobile performance dashboard to visually display KPIs and layered data to offer more detail for certain KPIs.
  • Created the application using responsive design principles so that it is easily deployed to both iOS and Android devices.
  • Technologies: HTML 5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS 3, jqPlot

Levelwing 02/2012 to 07/2013
Account Analyst

Finding creative solutions for business processes through data analysis and applying technology.

  • Developed dashboard app that gather online digital marketing data and used an attribution model to show the success of each digital marketing channel in a 3d chart
  • Developed scripts in JavaScript that change different characteristics of an AdWords account in order to automate management processes
  • Developed JavaScript code to generate and manipulate reports in AdWords interface to provide quicker and more automated reporting.
  • Developed landing page checking script in JavaScript that checks URLs within an account to make sure there are no 404 errors and that there is inventory for the landing page – If there is an error or no inventory the ad would be paused
  • Assisted in developing a process using application APIs to pull data into a database and automate reports and developed dashboards using Python, SQL and JavaScript

The L.S. Starrett Company 04/2008 to 02/2012
Marketing Specialist

An all purpose marketing specialist that developed business solutions and strategies for the sales force and to promote products.

  • Developed web based app for reps in the field to easily identify products and prices
  • Developed and implemented multiple ecommerce strategies that increased overall sales 13% in 2010
  • Managed and analyzed sales data from data base to create branded promotional strategies
  • Designed marketing materials and prospected local sites to distribute materials in a way that increased sales leads and traffic
  • Developed strategy to launch new product line using social media, live demonstrations and other traditional media

  • Knowledge of the following code languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Java, SQL & Python
  • Bing & Google Search Certified: Trained and certified in best practices in order to obtain optimal results using Google and Bing search tools
  • Adobe Site Catalyst Suite: Proficient in Search Center, Site Catalyst and Discover in order to manage and analyze website data and translate into real world insights
  • Adobe Creative Suite: In depth training in web-design and used Dream Weaver, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to manipulate images and layouts to convey strong and targeted messages in marketing materials
  • Microsoft Office: Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point to manage, analyze data and present branding strategies and create sales presentations

  • The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business; Columbus, Ohio
    Bachelors of Science in Marketing, March 2007
  • e-Careers.com Web Development, November 2012 to November 2014;
    In depth training in PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Javascript & MySQL as a database management platform; In depth instruction on server setup, database management, application development and UI design;
  • JWT Chicago Promotional Strategy Project 11/06: Created a promotional strategy for Oscar Mayer Bologna in correspondence with J. Walter Thompson Ad Agency and the presented to JWT
  • Central Ohio Women's Fund Marketing Strategy Project 11/06: Designed sales/marketing strategy for Women's Fund annual fundraiser and presented to Central Ohio Women's fund