CultureArchitect / HealthArchitect Client Profile Screens

Health Architect is an assessment iPad application designed to guide insurance representatives through tedious interview and presentation processess. The first step of the process involves setting up the client profile which can be seen in the images above. The information is categorized on seperate slides which move horizontally to show the different information

CultureArchitect / HealthArchitect Strategy & Timeline

Health Architect continues on to show different metrics and summaries based on client and representative input. Action plans can be created on the timeline screen as shown in the images.

Comcast Mobile Dashboard

This performance dashboard to visually display KPIs and layered data to offer more detail for certain KPIs. The application was designed to run on both Android and iOS platforms as well as phones and tablets.

Health Care Network App

This map was used in a Health Care network application to show and compare healthcare providers in a particular area as part of this sales tool. Researched and developed the use of vector data to generate the localized map (no network connection necessary) to improve performance and maintain a small footprint.

3d Chart for Dashboard

This is a 3D chart that was developed to show the success of different marketing channels by plotting data points over time. The x-axis would have represented time, the z-axis the different channels and the y-axis the number of transactions. The chart is displayed using the <canvas> HTML 5 element in coordination with JavaScript. The application uses PHP to pull data from a MySQL database. The HTML form allows for choosing which axis the data will appear on in order to view the model in different perspectives. You can see a working prototype here.

JKM Wedding Website

This website was developed as an information hub for a couples wedding. Guests can view a count down to the wedding, photos, maps of the ceremony and reception locations and RSVP on the website. Also built in is a dashboard for the couple to see who has responded. The website was developed in such a way that it could be duplicated easily for other couples' weddings. You can see the working website here.

National Hardware Retailer Association Ad

This was a half page ad that appeared in the Nation Hardware Retailing Magazine announcing the launch of a new miter saw protractor. You can see the full pdf here.

Eagle Logo

The eagle logo was part of a branding project for a sales and marketing firm based out of Charleston, SC. The swooping eagle is meant to represent a noble but assertive approach to sales and marketing.

Dual Cut Jig Saw Blade Flyer

The Dual Cut jig saw blades were also launched at the National Hardware Show. This was a flyer to educate consumer about the launch and the features of the new jig saw blade which was handed out at the show. You can see the full PDF here.